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Who are the Alden Kindred of America? The Alden Kindred of America, Inc. was founded in 1906 as a family association made up of descendents of John & Priscilla Alden. There are approximately 1,500 members. Among its activities are the preservation of the Alden House Historic Site (including the Alden House Museum) in Duxbury, Massachusetts. For further information, including membership opportunities, refer to the the Kindred Section

How can I join the Alden Kindred? Complete details about the Alden Kindred of America, Inc. and its activities are available in the Membership SectionThis includes membership procedures and applications. You may also request information and an application from our mailing address:

Alden Kindred of America
Box 2754
Duxbury, MA  02331.

When you apply for membership in the Alden Kindred, the Kindred's genealogist will fill in your lineage form with all of the documented information in our files. You will be required to document the line from the generation where we leave off. Instructions and a list of acceptable documentation will be sent to you. We have volunteers who may be able to assist you if needed. You need to be connected to the internet to access this information.

Why can't I find a Descendents Page listing the Eighth Generation? Eight generation individuals are only listed with their parents, not on separate pages. Look for the seventh generation family page for all known individuals in the eighth generation of that family.

How can I get information on descendants who have lived more recently? Information on living members of the Alden Kindred is private. If you send information on your line of descent from John Alden, the Kindred Genealogist can let you know if we have information beyond the eighth generation on this line. If you apply for membership in the Alden Kindred on a line previously filed by a member, the Genealogist will include information on common generations when filling in your lineage paper. Requests to contact Kindred members will not be accepted.

Why can’t I use the information in this database to join the Alden Kindred, Society of Mayflower Descendants or another family organization? This database is an INDEX to sources that are being accumulated by the Alden Kin Search Project. Much further work must be done before the database includes accurate and complete documentation and citations for the estimated one million Alden descendants! Use the database to find an individual's connection to John Alden and to join the Alden Kindred. 

Can I print the information in the HTML files? It depends on what you want to print. It is impractical and probably of very little value to print either the Surname List or the Name Index. The value in these two files is in the fact that they provide interactive links: the Surname List to the Name Index and the Name Index to the Descendants File. Also, the Name Index is about 1,000 printed pages long! However, when you find information in the Descendants File, you may want to print 'pages' from this file. Be aware that a single web page may actually be several pages of printed material, although usually less than twenty pages in length.

I have a question but can't find the answer! If you have done you best to find the answer by reading through the material, you may send an on-line question to who will direct your inquiry to the proper contact. Questions related to information in the genealogical database itself (such as suspected errors or additional information you may have) should be sent there as well.

How do I provide feedback or submit comments regarding the information? We welcome your comments and suggestions, especially in terms of information that needs clarifying, further information you would like to see included, or other usability issues. You may send the comments and suggestions to who will direct the information to the proper contact.

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