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The Alden Kin Search Project -  Eight Generations

Newly updated in October, 2006, this contains largest repository (over 54,000 names) of descendants of John and Priscilla going through the first eight generations.  Opportunities are available for you to add or correct information as well as contact our Genealogist via e-mail with your comments and suggestions.
The 5 Generation Project and It's History The Five Generations Project involves the meticulous investigation of primary records that substantiate the identity of, often obscure, individuals and families. The time period these books cover is usually from about the time of the Mayflower landing, in 1620, through the era of the American Revolution.
Mayflower 5-Generation  Project - All Books A listing of books available from the Alden Kindred Society for the Society of Mayflower Descendants - Mayflower Families through Five Generations Project.

Other Genealogical Organizations

Other family organizations with web sites that you may find interesting.  Includes a number of State chapters of the Mayflower Society.

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Miscellaneous links to web sites, genealogical, historical, etc.

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Documentation Standards General standards that any serious or aspiring Genealogist should be familiar with.  Recommended by the National Genealogical Society.
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Genealogical Scams

Don't waste time and money on false promises for providing you with your family history.  Here is what these 'scams' are all about.

Genealogical Humor

Lighten up with some genealogical-related humor.