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New Alden House T-Shirts
What better way to support the Alden House Museum and get ready for summer than with and an Alden Kindred of America t-shirt. Men's shirts are grey and are available in medium, large and extra large. Women's shirts are white and are available in small, medium and large.$14

New Hooded Sweatshirt (Grey)
Whether you are looking to stay warn during a New England Spring or keeping warm on a cool summer night, these hoodies are a great way to do that while supporting the Alden House Museum. The hoodies are grey and come in sizes small, medium and large. $40


Alden Kindred Key Chain - $3.00
Alden House Glass Coasters (set of 4) - $16

Alden Soil Necklace - $ 7.50

"Plymouth Rocks" Necklace - $11.50
Clay Marbles - $8.00

Glass Marbles - $6.00

Alden Wooden Ornaments

House & Wreath - $14.00


Wooden House - $16.00

wood house

Alden Items For Friends and Family

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BK-02.   John Alden.  Mayflower Five-Generations Project.  Volume 16, Part 1.  The ultimate volume  on the descendants of John and Priscilla Alden.  Covers the first four generations and lists the children of the fifth generation.  (Details of the fifth generation will be handled in subsequent volumes).   Now available!.  Hardcover - nearly  800 pages.  $45.00
BK-03.   Elizabeth Alden.  Mayflower Five-Generations Project.  Volume 16, Part 2 Information on the fifth generation of descendants of Elizabeth Alden, including a listing of children of the sixth generation.  Hardcover.  About 400 pages.   $35.00.
BK-03.    Descendants of John Jr., Joseph, and Jonathan - 5th generation-Generations Project.  Volume 16, Part 3.Hardcover. 468 pages.   $25.00
JWL-02. Alden Necklaces
Elegant Alden pendants, with images of John and Priscilla or the Alden House, made by and Alden descendant. Gold or silver chains. $25.00

BK-19. Alden House History: A Work in Progress by James W. Baker, Curator. This is the first comprehensive history of the Alden House to be published. It tells the story of how the Alden family acquired their homestead in Duxbury, about two houses they built on the homestead (and the unsolved mystery of a possible third house), about the people who lived in the Alden House that still stands today, and about the Alden Kindred’s century of stewardship of the house and property.  Paper cover, 60 pages, $6.00.


BK-24. Harvest of the Years: The Alden Heritage in Pictures. A "viewbook" album of over 80 historic images of the Alden House, the "1627/28 First Site" and illustrations inspired by Longfellow's Courtship of Miles Standish, published in anticipation of the Alden House Historic Site's award of National Historic Landmark status. $15


BK-20. Aldens Return to England by James W. Baker, Curator. Details of the Alden Kindred's tour of England in 2006 and Pilgrim locations throughout England.  Great for travelers and genealogists alike. $10.
Created by well-known artist, Thomas Vroman, these commemorative images of John and Priscilla, were done by Mr. Vroman for the Alden Kindred's 100th anniversary meeting and are available as a set.  They are an innovative (and probably far more realistic) portrayal of the Aldens.  Signed prints are available only from the Alden Kindred Museum Shop.  Regularly priced for $75 for the pair, these are currently on sale for $10.00 for the pair.


Minature Landmark Status Brick $50





Alden Magnet - $4.00



Wooden Trinket Box - $10.00


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