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Some Old Pictures


These interesting old pictures are taken from old post cards or photographs in the possession of the Alden Kindred of America.   To see an enlarged version of any of these, click on it.  Use your back button on your browser to return to this screen.

1900s post card photo of front of Alden house

A 1920s post card photo of the Alden house - lots of vines

Long range view of the rear of Alden house - 1910

1904 postcard from the rear of the house.
Heavily covered by trumpet vine, a post card from the 1920s.
A long-range view of the house from Alden Street, circa 1910.

Early 1900s post card photo of the front of the Alden house

Alden house taken from the Old Colony Railroad tracks

Train pulling into Duxbury station - 1916

Early 1900s post card of the front of the house.


Taken from Old Colony Railroad tracks on west side of property A train pulling into North Duxbury station - 1916.  Alden House is at the left of photo

Rear patio photo of Alden house - 1904

Photo of Alden house from 1900 - shows small shed at back

Photo post card of the J.M. Alden home in 1867

Rear patio photo from 1904.  Priscilla Mullins Alden - 7th generation descendant.
A photo circa 1900.  Note Capt. Jack's small woodshed at left of photo.
Watercolor by J. M. Alden, 1867